A scene from The Last Wife. Photo by Caitlin Taylor.

“Zero stuffiness.” That is one thing director Anita Rochon makes clear about the Globe Theatre’s latest production – The Last Wife. 

The play, which previews March 1 and officially opens March 2, explores the marriage between King Henry VIII and his sixth and final wife, Katherine Parr. Yet what sounds like a cliché historical play is anything but, according to Rochon.

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Photographer Jackie Larkin (left) shows her client, Veronica Wilgosh (right) the final prints from their recent boudoir shoot in Larkin's studio in Regina on Feb. 8, 2017. Photo by Caitlin Taylor.

More Saskatchewan women are trading in their everyday attire for something a little sexier –  and many are learning to appreciate and celebrate their bodies along the way.   

“I felt beautiful, I felt alive, I felt young. It actually made me smile and feel really good inside,” said Veronica Wilgosh, who recently had a boudoir photo shoot with Jackie Larkin, a Regina-based photographer.

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Musician Quique Escamilla

The ice is melting and temperatures are rising just in time for this weekend’s Winterruption festival. The event aims to lure people out of their homes during the dreary, dark days of January.

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Lights go down, music begins, and the audience eagerly awaits as Candide debuts on opening night. That is what Sterling Productions and the Regina Symphony Orchestra is hoping will happen once the show begins.

Through a newly formed partnership, Regina performers with Sterling Productions will have a unique opportunity to perform with the Regina Symphony Orchestra this spring; to bring the show Candide to audiences.

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