Citizens rally for prisoner's rights. Photo by Rebbeca Marroquin.

A letter written by a Regina advocacy group is getting the public’s attention.

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Saskatchewan small towns are facing decreases in population. In this photo, Pense, Saskatchewan has a quiet afternoon. Photo by Brenna Engel.

Small towns. The friendly, peaceful and slower paced way of life. To many people, that way of life sounds like heaven, yet the population of many towns in Saskatchewan is in decline. There are still some people, though, who are willing to buck the trend and give small town life a try.

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Over 230 registered for the 2017 Native Prairie Restoration/Reclamation Workshop, photo by Celine Grimard

While the prairies may look tough at first glance, nature’s balance is delicate. This is the challenge conservationists are tackling at the 2017 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop. The workshop, organized by the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan, runs Feb. 8 to 9 at the Ramada Hotel in downtown Regina.   

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While the U.S. Senate’s appointment of wealthy businesswoman Betsy DeVos as education secretary has raised alarm among public education advocates – who say she lacks experience with public schools and may divert funds to private options – here in Saskatchewan, debates over education funding and public-private models are nothing new.

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When the temperature in Regina reaches -45 C school bus services are cancelled, but schools remain open.. Photo by Brenna Engel.

It’s -45 C. Welcome to Saskatchewan. For Regina Public Schools that means buses aren’t running, though schools remain open. Locals joke that the schools themselves don’t close because they’re buit “Saskatchewan tough.”

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Biology professor Kerri Finlay

University of Regina researchers seeking to discover if dugouts can help offset greenhouse gases emitted by farmers have received a funding boost from the province.

Saskatchewan agriculture minister Lyle Stewart announced on Jan. 12 that Saskatchewan's Agriculture Development Fund will receive over $7 million this year to support 46 agriculture research projects.

“This keeps us ahead of the game, it costs a little money but it’s money well spent,” said Stewart at a press conference in Saskatoon.

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Saskatchewan is the first province to pass a bill that gives compensation to workers with psychological injuries.

Kyle Sereda, president of the Emergency Medical Services Association of Saskatchewan believes the new legislation will help people who suffer from injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Heather Bear was inspired to show her support for the water protectors in Standing Rock, N.D., after the recent Husky Oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River, affecting several Saskatchewan communities she represents.

Bear travelled to Standing Rock twice and says, “It would have been simply wrong for me not to go and support and bring our story there.” She says it’s not a matter of if a similar spill would happen in North Dakota, but when.

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