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Media Matters

Military journalism photo illustration

Everywhere you look there are armoured trucks and soldiers dressed in green. At night you sleep on a cot, squished into a canvas tent with 19 other people. Privacy is minimal, if nonexistent.

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Saskatchewan Legislature

The direct line to the press gallery at the Saskatchewan Legislature has been cut.

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Two afternoon radio hosts are out of work after a program revamp at 980CJME. Photo illustration by Kyrsten Stringer.

Two afternoon radio hosts are out of work after a program revamp at 980CJME, where Saskatchewan Afternoon with David Kirton and The Green Zone are taking over the time slot previously occupied by MainStreet with Jill Smith and Dave Arnold.

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Jason Delorme. Photo by Alex Antoneshyn.

A video showing a First Nations man being shadowed by clerks in a Regina store has gone viral. The clip is part of a CBC Marketplace episode called “Are We Racist?”

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J-Source crowdfunding page. Photo by Alex Antoneshyn.

The creators of J-Source, a news outlet that covers issues in the Canadian media, are asking for their audience’s help once again as they work to expand their coverage.

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During a teleconference hosted by Postmedia Network today, held to discuss the company’s report on their first quarter, president and CEO Paul Godfrey admitted that whatever trouble the media company may be facing, it’s not alone.

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