Dewdney Avenue sign in Regina, Sask.

Five places in New Brunswick used to have something unsettling in common: their names all included the word “Negro.” On Feb. 28, which is also the last day of Black History month, the names of all five places were changed and the word “Negro” was removed, as part of a nation-wide trend to replace culturally offensive placenames. 

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Bin for disposing used needles.

Canada now has two cities with legal safe injection sites. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott announced that Health Canada has approved three new safe injection sites in Montreal.

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La Cité lecturer Michael Poplyansyi

Canadian businessman and celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary has officially declared his candidacy for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, but it comes with controversy.

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Amid a declining economy and questions about the federal government’s priorities, some Albertans are taking another look at separating from Canada.

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