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The Residence Inn Marriott hotel welcomes new customers as of March 11 on 1506 Pasqua Street when it officially opens its doors to the public. Jocelyn Wiebe, the sales coordinator of the new hotel, is excited about the new opportunities the hotel will bring to the already booming industry in Regina.

According to the hotel’s website, the Marriott is the first of its kind in Regina to offer suites that all include “full kitchens, separate living, working, and sleeping areas.” The hotel specializes in guests who need to stay in Regina for an extended period of time, whether it be business related or entertainment events that often appear in the city.

“We incorporate a lot of social aspects. Three times a week we have what we call a Marriott Mixer,” said Wiebe.

During these events, refreshments and appetizers will be available in the lounge area on the main floor, and an out-door fire pit is accessible where guests can gather around. “(For) three days a week you could come down and meet other people (that are) staying, have a bite to eat, (or) watch TV,” said Wiebe.

To accommodate long stays, the hotel also has a free grocery delivery service.

“It’s definitely unique (compared) to any hotel. We will go out and get (what’s on their list) and have stock it in their room by the day’s end,” Wiebe said.

The hotel industry has been quickly developing throughout Regina. With the new Comfort Suites opening up in the city’s far north, and recent Best Western and Hampton Inn popping up in the east, Wiebe remains confident the Marriott will find a place in the hotel market due to its location.

The Marriott is in walking distance to large centres like Evraz Place, the stadium, Co-Operator’s Centre, and the hospital. It is also a five minute drive to the airport.

“Location is key,” said Wiebe. “A lot of the calls I’ve gotten so far have (asked about location). We’re close to a lot of things here (and) we want to be good community members.”

Frenil Bamania, owner of Brandee’s Corner Store, is also excited about the new hotel. His business sits right across the street from the Marriott, and he’s hoping it will bring in more customers.

“There wasn’t a hotel in this area. (The location) is very convenient to the people. The Marriott company is a very nice company and they will do their best,” said Bamania.

The Brandee’s Corner Store has been serving the community for many years and Bamania thinks the new hotel will affect his business positively.

“It will affect my business lots. People staying over there will see my convenience store over here. It will be convenient for them,” Bamania laughed.

Wiebe hopes to have a grand opening celebration in the upcoming months where all staff will be onboard, possibly including a tour of the hotel’s facilities.