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There’s a new collective in town, the Killjoy Club, and they’ll be livening up the Creative City Centre on Wed, Nov. 19.

 The Killjoy Club is a group of artist-organizers who want to see more diverse voices up on stage. Group members say they seek to develop opportunities for creative feminist expression.

The event will showcase a variety of artists performing at the restored heritage building.


“The aim of the Killjoy Club putting on these events is to provide a safer space for artists to share their work and a safer space for audience members to participate,” said Leo Keiser, a member of the collective.


“I can understand navigating non-safe spaces. It can be exhausting,” said Jessica Tran, a spoken word artist, adding that the navigation is not only exhausting but irritating and scary.


The collective says the series gives performance space to queer, trans*, and female artists to share their art in a supportive and intimate environment. Keiser said performing tends to be male dominated, adding that there doesn’t seem to be room to publicly discuss issues that affect non-males.


“You’re going to hear some pretty fantastic local and national talent regardless of one’s understanding of gender equity,” Keiser said, emphasizing that the group would love to see anybody and everybody come to the event.


“Creating a safe space for artists who do fall under the oppressive tower is really important” said Tran. “I think art is the thing that heals society”


Wednesday’s event will be the first of many in the bi-monthly series. Tran will be performing alongside musicians Val Halla and firestarter. There will be an open mic after the performances.


Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the cost is $10, however, no one will be turned away if they can’t afford the price.