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TH- kelly services The job market can be fairly tough and finding the right work environment can seem quite impossible. With employment and recruitment agencies the job search has been made easier and quicker.  Companies can be very selective on whom they hire and having an agency speak up for you can come in handy. Many people are skeptical when it comes to seeking help from an employment agency. 

“In Saskatchewan a lot of people don’t know what we do, so were trying to raise the awareness of what an agency does a lot of people come in thinking were going to charge them a fee,” said Linda Langelier, President executive and search consultant at Employment Network Canada Inc.


Employment agencies help people find permanent work when they are struggling to find jobs. 

“Particularly I have a passion to help people with barriers to employment. For example if they have problems with doing interviews but they are that match for that job we help them move forward,” said Langelier.

Trudy Young-Grant and husband Sheldon Grant moved their family to Regina from Toronto. The economy in Regina was getting too competitive and finding work was hard. She met people from Employment Network Canada at a career job fair and was told there were great job opportunities in Regina. 

“They get to know you and find you the ideal job that fits you. We were new to the city so they also gave us information on daycare for our toddler and maps to find our way around the city,” said Young-Grant.

Employment Network Services Inc built a relationship with Trudy and Sheldon and found them work they enjoy when they made the leap to move to Regina. 

There is much that these companies can do for you and there are many success stories, even when the odds are against you. Laurel Mattison, CEO of Hiring Hands  Employment and Recruitment Services, speaks of a client who came to her for help when he had successfully battled addictions and yet had no education background. 

“One of my biggest success stories is someone from that situation came to me looking for work, I found him employment with one of my clients and they eventually hired him as a foreman. So there’s always that possibility, but education is important, stay in school,” Mattison said.

Employers are searching for specific people to employ. Kelly Services consultants Cahahana Dora and Pamela Laureno explain it's not just skills they want from employees but good work ethic, reliability, respect and punctuality. It’s all about finding the right fit for employees to their employers. 

“It depends on what they are looking for and we try to match their skills with our client’s requirements,” said Dora.